Fueled by a passion to empower, encourage, uplift, spiritually rejuvenate and restore, Daddy's Girls International is a refuge of support for hurting women from all nationalities and walks of life. Its ultimate goal is to enable women to be all they can be, not just for the moment, but for a lifetime. Our motto is “Each One Reach One”. In other words, you tell someone, they tell someone else and so on, until it is realized that we are Princesses and Queens of the universe placed here on earth to be representatives of God's Glory.

Formally known as Daddy's Girls, this ministry began in July 2002 with four women gathering together to fellowship, eat, laugh and share personal experiences. It was a time spent discovering ourselves by asking questions, verbalizing concerns, and sharing hidden hurts that had been internally harbored. By the time it was time to go our separate ways, we all departed feeling encouraged and uplifted.

The foundation of Daddy's Girls is prayer, praise, and worship to God who IS our Daddy. Acknowledging this fact gives God an open invitation to move as He pleases in all the gatherings. The end result is the participants always go home with a sense of value and worth.

After a few years had passed, it was decided that the overwhelming good of this ministry was far too valuable to be limited to its original small group. We wanted other women to experience receiving beauty for ashes, gladness in place of sadness, and the revelation of, “Yes, I am somebody!” As other women joined the ministry, its name was changed from Daddy's Girls to Daddy's Girls International. This ministry has had the honor of giving non-judgmental support to teenage victims of suicide attempts, assisting others challenged by peer pressure and low self-esteem, helping struggling single parents, encouraging divorcees and widows, and caring for senior citizens.

Daddy's Girls International is a bridge that can help women safely cross the often encountered rough roads of despair. A song entitled “Your Brand New Lady” addresses what Daddy's Girls International is all about. Women all across the world have experienced some aspect of its lyrics that say, “…used to be angry and mad at every little bitty thing, but I'm so glad I chose to grow up, cause every problem has a solution, it's how you do it, the choice is yours. Excuse me while I introduce you to your brand new lady.” To the young and old alike, Daddy's Girls International believes that you are indeed a brand new lady and you should introduce yourself to you.

Our Daddy God has declared and let the world know that we are fearfully and wondrously made (Psalms 139:14) and we are also the apple of His eye. With these truths set before us, nothing will stop Daddy's Girls International's mission to encourage, empower and uplift women who feel that there is no hope. And to these women, all who are a part of this ministry proclaim with resounding affirmation, “Hopelessness is not an option, not on our watch!”

Founder, Evangelist Lorri Neely

“ Your Brand New Lady” was written by Jocelyn Buchanan. For more information, go to www.jocelynbuchanan.com .